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  • Archives of Moscow and St.Petersburg
  • Information and links to archives and electronic databases.
  • Biblioteca Ambrosiana, Archive of Drawings
  • (From Notre Dame University)
    Of the 12,000 drawings in the Biblioteca Ambrosiana, descriptions for 6,725 drawings are currently available for on-line searching (updated 04/11/01).
  • Bildarchiv zur Kunst und Architecture in Deutschland
  • (Foto Marburg)
  • CHIN
  • (Canadian Heritage Information Network)
  • Getty Provenance Index
  • Kunst und Kultur

  • Searchable databases from Germany (museums, monuments, periodical editions, artists and architects)
  • Manuscripta Mediaevalia

  • Foto Marburg - searchable database of medieval manuscripts in German collections.
  • Medici Archive Project
  • Documentary sources for the arts and humanities, history of costume and textiles, Jewish history, religion and culture.