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  • ArchiNed - Architecture of the Netherlands
  • Architectural Review
  • - e-journal
  • Architecture and Building

  • guide to numerous web resources on architecture provided by the University of Nevada.
  • Architecture in Tokyo
  • Arcosanti - An Experimental City in Arizona

  • Paolo Soleri's experiment in fusing ecology with architecture.
  • Contemporary and Avant-Garde Architecture
  • Deutschlands Architektur
  • (text and images organized by cities)
  • Great Buildings
  • gateway to architecture< which includes numerous links, images, bibliographies
  • LinksArchitectura
  • (Argentina)
  • - Virtual Museum of Architecture
    A mixture of architectural papers. 3-dimensional computer models representing significant building designs that were never built.
  • Research Materials for Architecture and the Built Environment Located in Metropolitan Washington, D.C.
  • RUDI
  • (Resources for Urban Design Information)
  • Russian Utopia: A Depository
  • - Museum of Paper Architecture
  • Thais
  • - images of architectural monuments
  • Urban Planning 1794-1918: An International Anthology. Selected and Edited by John W. Rep

  • A particularly rich source for bibliography and text regarding urban planning for the specified period.